A Chrysalis Splits Open
The viscous fluid contains microscopic, swimming cells. A sphere splits its insides over and over until she is an amalgam, some sort of pre-lifeform.
Open your eyes and gaze into the yawning maw. The eyelids that gape widely; out falls the ball from the socket. The stygian void.
Curtains shut abruptly. The stygian void. Lumps of carbonized flesh scatter into ash. The Stygian Void.
Talk with Mary about the time you caught a tiny water snake at the river when you were swimming as a child. Explain to her that you never felt more kinship with another being. That a serpent so small had spoken to you and you could understand. Tell her how you wanted to take it home with you, but the adults had refused to let you. You saw golden flecks streaming out from underneath its scales as you let it go, and it became one with the hazy shimmer of water moving over rocks. You tried to catch it again, regretful of losing something so precious, but it was too fast, and it poured through your fingers like honey and milk.
Obsidian Monograph
The stench of magic piss, kiss me to sleep…
All I see is an infinite vacuum above me the sacks beneath my ribs are manipulating the pressure in the atmosphere to fill me with breath I open and close my eyes to wet them: a constant oscillation between omniscience and blindness.
Ignorance is an endless canto one note repeating until we die.
One note repeating until we die
One note
Until we die
One note
The LAZULI flesh of a blueberry wrinkles and sprouts white fuzz
Directly surrounding me is the space which my body can fill. The reach of my arms, my legs; a sphere of self.
It rests gently on the nest of ambiguity between freedom and identity.
 Perhaps a proto-organism or a virus stealing my DNA
A                                            L – A – T – T – I – C – E


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